Friday, January 2, 2009

new year, new semester, new art!

oh GOD i can't wait to get started again. i came back to sarasota with a million ideas and they just keep growing and growing. i'm going to be making a bunch of new plaques with little cindy sayings on them. i've already made one about elitist whores. the next one will probably be about my hypochondria and anxiety. i love them. the first one turned out so amazing and i think the whole idea is just crazy funny.

most of the work i'm doing/thinking about makes me laugh while i'm thinking about it, while i'm working on it and while i'm talking about it. i've never felt so in touch with my work. i've always felt that my work only exposed one small aspect of my being, but these things i'm making right now are like the essence of me. not that that makes any sense but whatever. i get it.

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