Friday, December 19, 2008

this girl has a mission

today is a day of travel! this next week and a half are going to be spent smoking with the fam, learning to knit with garbage and playing in the snow. oh SNOW! how i've missed you! you don't happen in florida and it makes me sad.

my christmas gift this year is an ultrasound of my abdomen to find out what's wrong with me! yay! i'm sure it could be much worse though. i could get a baseball for christmas... or a gift card to some sort of math based something. not that i don't like math... i just don't want to do it when i don't have to. unless i'm bored and my grandaddy is showing me how to find the square route of i. that's right. we do those kinds of things for FUN.

christmas brings out the crazy in families. mine is already crazy.

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