Saturday, October 11, 2008

the plot so far.

this is my progress between last tuesday and thursday afternoon (before the crit.) 12 pieces in what amounts to about 2 days of work. not bad. these will grow over the next few weeks, but progress is going to be slower. i'm going to be dividing my time between sewing and sculpting and casting. there are going to be multiple incarnations of these stones and cairns. i think of the stones as individuals and the cairns as whole pieces.

i'm going to be building some stones out of plaster and maybe stuffing and nylon. i'm not sure what's going to make the best base. maybe even clay. whatever will cost less. probably the nylon and stuffing and plaster. i'll have to ask wendy or john mack if i can use the school's plaster. i might need my own. maybe i can be sneaky? when i'm done building enough stones i'm going to start making molds from them and casting resin stones filled with layers of clothing, glitter, potato chips, various japanese paraphenalia i own. the list goes on and on. i don't think i'll stall out this time. i can't really fail with these things. i can make mistakes, but i can't just completely fail.

it's so amazingly freeing to have an idea that you feel is solid. i know that i'm going in the right direction.

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