Friday, November 7, 2008

evolution of ideas

so right now i'm working on some drawers. i have three, but i only have solid ideas for two. the first is going to have a folded outfit encased in resin. the second drawer is going to have an outfit that has been totally shredded. the third one might have a pair of shoes in it.. but i think the shoes are going to be a different piece. i'm just not sure what to do with the third drawer. i might fill it with cloth strips covered in wax. the point is to render these clothes/outfits completely unwearable, no matter what size i am, these clothes will never be wearable. once i get this rolling i think it's going to be a crazy strong piece. the only problem is that i don't have enough resin! i really hate having to ask my mother for money, but i don't have a job or a car so going out and making money before next thursday just isn't going to work.

today i'm going to start painting the drawers so that they can dry today and i can start filling them with things tomorrow! this weekend is going to be about getting things done, finishing things up and getting ready for thursday's thesis crit. i just hope that i can work around this whole money issue. telling your thesis teacher, senior year, that you can't make work because you don't have the money might be TRUE, but it's not going to save my ass.

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